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Sky Horizon Telephone Management System

Sky HorizonĀ® Telephone Management system is a dedicated call accounting, logging, and interface system aiming to facilitate the management control over hotel telephone revenue and cost.
The system is operational over a wide range of telephone PABXs (Private Access Board Exchange) with interface to different PMS systems worldwide, the system is also distinguished with its advanced interfaces with voicemail systems.

ShiJi Infrasys

Since 1994, Infrasys has grown to become an experienced and innovative player in the restaurant technology business. In the early days, many restaurants were still using pen and paper systems to manually manage their properties. Infrasys created a system that would help improve restaurant management. One of the first adopters was Shangri-La Hotel Group, who implemented Infrasys in their hotels. They were soon followed by Hong Kong Disneyland. From there Infrasys joined the Shiji Group, helping Infrasys grow into the global innovative player it is today. Now, Infrasys is used in hotels and restaurants worldwide as their go-to enterprise-level cloud-based POS system.

Sky Horizon Restaurant Management

Sky HorizonĀ® Restaurant Management system is a comprehensive solution that is capable of catering to the most complicated requirements of a whole range of modern restaurants through its modular design. At the heart of the system stands the Point of Sale (POS) Management system with its scalable design aiming to serve the smallest outlets as well as the largest multi-outlet dine-in restaurants. On top of the Point of Sale Management System, we offer a range of modules allowing a vertical growth, thus meeting the needs and expectations of even the most complex environments.

Sky Horizon Property Management System

Sky HorizonĀ® Property Management system is designed to give the hotel management full control over the front desk and guest transactions such as reservations, groups, walk-ins, financial transactions, folios, deposits, housekeeping, night audit, profile management, revenue history, in-house guests, forecast analysis, availability, guest and room history. The system is equipped with an advanced interface gateway, which enables online interaction between the front desk and other hotel facilities such as point-of-sale outlets, health clubs, telephone switchboards, receivable/income accounting, door-lock keys, T.V. systems, Internet, and others.

Bayan Human Resources Management System

Bayan Human Resources Management system is an advanced specialized web-based cloud-ready system that is designed to operate on property, cluster and corporate levels, with the objective of maintaining employee data in a way that simplifies the processing of all HR and payroll transactions that affect the employee status, ending with providing an unlimited set of detailed and summarized reporting facilities. The system also facilitates full integration between the essential operations of the employee attendance control, human resources and personnel operations, employee training, medical insurance, and payroll with back office JV interface. Hence, it prevents any unnecessary double work and errors, improves efficiency, and simplifies information distribution and reporting.


Compact and unique doughnut design
Vibration, Beep or Flash mode
Shock-absorbing silicon ring
Space saving stacker design

ZKTeco 4500

ZK4500 is a stable and excellent fingerprint reader. The device can capture fingerprint image and upload to the PC by USB interface. It supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8(32/64bit) . We provide developer with SDK. The developer can integrate the hardware into their own system. This product is widely used in social insurance, public security, time attendance, fingerprint encryption, embedded system and other fields of application.

ZKTeco P160

P160 is a multibiometric identification time & attendance and access control terminal, which can connect with third party electric lock, door sensor, and exit button etc. With the latest palm/fingerprint identification algorithm and streamlined technology, it can hold 600 palm templates and up to 20,000 fingerprint templates without dividing into groups. Communicating via Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, and USB host, it ensures a smooth connection and data transfer. Amazing verification speed and intuitive operation process make it popular. Elaborately designed and finely processed, it matches your slap-up office perfectly.

ZKTeco BioPro SA40

BioPro SA40 is an ultra-thin fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal with BioID sensor and Wi-Fi, which offers unparalleled performance with advanced algorithm for reliable, precise and excellent matching speed. BioPro SA40 features the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and ZK high-performance, high-image quality infrared detection fingerprint sensor. BioPro SA40 provides a superior touching experience with touch keypad, and offers flexibility for standalone installation or with any third-party access control panel that supports standard wiegand signal. TCP/IP, RS232/485 and Wi-Fi are also available that the device can be used in different networks.

ZKTeco SF300

The SF300 is an IP based fingerprint terminal works both in network and standalone modes. In network mode, it can connect with ZKAccess3.5 software for access control and time attendance management. Wiegand output makes SF300 flexible to connect with ZK or any 3rd party controllers as a slave reader, additionally wiegand input allows two units of SF300 to configure with each other and utilize Master & Slave solution, which requires user verification at both entrance and exit. Meanwhile, anti-passback function could be used to maximize the security. Auxiliary input interface allows SF300 to connect with an external source, for instance a smoke detector or emergency switch. Once the linkage function is enabled through the machine menu, the device would generate an alarm signal and open the door in case of emergency.

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