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SoftSTM - ZKTeco

ZKTeco, a world leader in solutions for access control and presence with biometrics, creates an alliance with SoftSTM, which is committed to be the official distributor of the prestigious manufacturer throughout Europe, thus completing the range of access control and settling as a benchmark in the security distribution.

Currently, SoftSTM also has recognized with brands such as Hanvon FaceID, the fastest facial recognition in the market, with free assistance control software, Anviz, which guarantees the lowest price with hybrid software for access control and free assistance and Magicard, manufacturer recognized by its printers for personalization of cards.


The product range of ZKTeco is directed from a simple installation, such as managing a store door in a small store, to large facilities where routes can be established for personnel and create a high security system. All controlled from the simple and powerful ZKAccess 3.5, free access control software with presence control Lite module, which covers more than 50% of the installations.

The Asian manufacturer has always keen for innovative products based on quality, apply the fingerprint technology on any of it products, the biometric reading is very fast and reliable, which makes your devices easy to use for an end user. In addition, it has robust terminals such as the MA300 outdoor access control made entirely of metal or the TF1700, outdoor presence and access control terminal. One of the few terminals that do the two functions with IP65 protection in the


The products sold by SoftSTM can be divided into two categories. Distinguishing access control of Time & Attendance:

In the part of access control, the powerful access controllers stand out, both RFID of the C3 series, as well as the InBio biometric, together with their respective readers. In addition, StandAlone terminals such as the SF420, MA300 or TF1700. All managed from a single free software ZKAccess 3.5.

From this intuitive software you can manage multiple controllers, in which configuring functions such as AntipassBack or locks is as simple as creating users and uploading them to the terminal. This simplicity does not prevent the ZK software from being one of the most complete on the market.

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The autonomous access control devices have the integrated controller, so they do not need a C3 or an InBio, they directly have a relay output that acts on the lock. In addition, from the device itself, a button can be connected, or connected to an alarm, as it has tamper warning against an unwanted manipulation, door sensor and everything necessary to complete a single door installation. All connected by TCP / IP to the access control software.

SoftSTM - ZKTeco

On the other hand, in Time & Attendance (Presence Control), there are different ZK softwares such as ZKTime Enterprise or ZKTime Small Bussiness, also well known software of ZK Time Net 3.0. All these softwares are licensed and each is adapted differently to the needs of each shift management facility.

  • ZKTime Small Business: has been designed for small installations, allows to manage all the records in a very simple way, counting the total time worked by each employee and obtain different reports for periods.
  • ZKTime Enterprise: is one of the most advanced softwares in presence control, having a great variety of customizable options of schedules, shifts and cycles and assign them to each user separately. Obtaining a variety of reports that solve any need.
  • ZKTime Net 3.0: is a new software, which allows to perform many functions of presence control, management of extra hours and more than 20 customizable reports. It has a small access control module for hybrid terminals. This software is in Lite version, with 5 devices and 100 users and the extended version with up to 50 devices and 2,000 users.
SoftSTM - ZKTeco Software

In conclusion, ZKTeco is a handy solution from a small installation to a large building, both in its access control terminals, with its controllers and free software. As well as the wide variety of presence software that can adapt to any type of schedule and reports, fulfilling the expectations of any type of company.

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